Phenomenal Production of We Will Rock You

Senior School Music and Performance

Lower Sixth student George who played Galileo, tells us about the musical production:

What a phenomenal school production! We’ve had great fun producing this show from the beginning, with each and every dance telling a story based around the music. We all had a great time throughout the many months we worked on this musical, on Monday and Thursday nights and the occasional Sunday or lunchtime rehearsal.

We Will Rock You not only allowed the cast and crew to improve their acting, dancing, singing, technical skills or confidence, but also built new or closer friendships. Form 1 interacted with Form 4 and above, creating friendships that will last throughout their school lives.

The final product was, in my opinion, the best musical we have ever done at St Columba’s! The quality of acting and dancing was awesome, and we have Miss McIntyre to thank for helping us improve that throughout the production. The singing was equally amazing, thanks to Mr McCall and the Music Department.

All of us from the cast, crew and teachers will have memories of this production that we will remember for years to come. A few of the boys have given some of their memories:

“I have learnt a lot of things over the many rehearsals leading up to the show. I have become a much better dancer now. I have also become a lot more confident and natural on the stage which is really good as I use to have stage fright but I have got a lot better.” Tom D

 “My favourite line in the show is the M&S joke. It was really funny when I first said it in rehearsal.” Jonty B

We Will Rock You has been a great experience, and one that I will certainly remember for years to come. I thoroughly enjoyed the rehearsals and production of the show and loved every moment on stage for the final nights. I hope that the audience and the rest of the cast and crew enjoyed it just as much as I did.

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