Geographers at Climate Change Conference

Senior School Outings/Workshops

Student, Devayan Patel (3J), tells us about the day:

On Tuesday 5th February, we went to Haberdashers' Aske’s Boys School for a Climate Change Conference. The day began with two speeches - the first from Dr Peter Walton, who talked about how areas are effected by climate change, including extreme weather events. Followed by Dr James King, who focussed primarily on climate change in east Africa, and how this differed significantly from Climate Model Predictions and why this was the case. 

We participated in a model UN on how to reduce the impacts of climate change. The schools were split into country groups, with us being split into two countries: USA and Nigeria. First, we each created a resolution, which would not only appeal to our own countries, but also the rest of the world. After each country had written their resolutions, one person in each group was nominated to give a summary speech about what their resolution was about and why other countries should approve it. All countries that got approved by at least 4 other countries, then made it to the debate round.

During this portion of the conference, each country was invited to give another speech, outlining their main points, followed by other countries getting to ask questions and challenge their resolution. Finally, the delegates of each country voted for the 2 resolutions, which they felt would best suit and help their country. The resolution, which was finally passed was Russia’s, which focussed on supporting more vulnerable, developing countries from the effects of climate change.

Overall, I would say that we all enjoyed the conference and learnt a lot about climate change. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Geography!

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