Form 2 visit Bhaktivedanta Manor

Senior School After School/EECA

Form 2 enjoyed an enlightening and enjoyable trip to Bhaktivedanta Manor on Tuesday of this week. They relished the opportunity to explore the philosophical background to Hinduism and see for themselves how it is practised. Boys witnessed an arti ceremony, dressed in traditional costume and visited the farm via a ride in a cart pulled by oxen. It was fascinating to find out about the importance of the cow as a sacred animal in Hinduism and how this is linked to beliefs about animal rights and ahimsa. The tasty vegetarian lunch was extremely popular and a particular favourite with accompanying staff! Boys also seized upon the chance to discuss Hindu ideas about karma, dharma and reincarnation and were grateful for the opportunity to ask searching questions of the experts. Thanks so much to the staff and worshippers at Bhaktivedanta Manor for their warm welcome and wonderful hospitality.


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