Geography Field Trip to Epping Forest

Academic Senior School

On 11th October, Form 5 students  went on a field trip to Epping Forest,  as part of their IGCSE coursework. The day started at 8:25am with a 40-minute journey to Epping Forest on the school coach. We arrived and had a brief on the day’s activities, in a classroom. The background of the area was outlined, which helped us to form the start of our work. We also discussed the risks and dangers to the investigation and wrote a risk assessment. The group came up with the methodology and how to sample the data. After that we went out to investigate the geology of the area by digging up some soil to see the consistency and the makeup of the upper layer of the catchment.  We also found where the source of the river developed, along with how the river is absolutely dependent on rain water. At the time there was little water in the river due to lack of rain over the summer months.

We then went  to the upper course of the river where it was starting out. It was narrow and not very deep. This allowed us to discover how the width and depth changed as we moved further down. In addition, we looked at particle size and drew a field sketch of the river at each data point. We then annotated the sketch, taking into consideration other actions occurring such as interception, where rain water is caught and trapped by trees and foliage.

As we continued, we saw the evident changes further downstream. The river was wider and deeper with more meanders and oxbow lake scars. We collected our results and made a conclusion to our investigation. We evaluated the day giving the pros -  we managed to investigate the river in one day, and the cons - it would have been better to have come back after intense rainfall to measure more variables. We managed to get back to school after a long day at 4:15pm. Overall, the day was a success and helped us to get the information that we needed for our coursework write up.

Matthew Turner - 5M

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