World War 1 Centenary Mural at SCC

Senior School Academic


SCC is involved in a number of exciting events to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War One. On Monday 1st October, Artist Dave Nash, produced a centenary mural at SCC, which was based on a student art project. Using imagery provided by Form 3 students from their Art homework, Dave composed a centenary mural for St Albans, creating the mural in one day on the school playground. This piece of performance art was a crowd pleaser for the SCC boys. Keen artist Ben Madden (3Mc) said, “It was exciting to see how the work progressed throughout the day. In between every lesson I went past to have a look. The final design was amazing.”

As part of our centenary project, the illustrator Martin Impey will carry out a series of Art masterclasses in school. The Art, History and English departments are collaborating in a centenary project with the Form 3 students.

Later this term, Ms Finn will give a number of Prep and Senior boys the opportunity to take part in a unique workshop in conjunction with St Albans Cathedral. This will includes learning the stories of some of the local men who fought in World War 1, while visiting some of the war memorials and planting poppy seeds in the Cathedral grounds as an act of remembrance. The CCF will  participate in the Remembrance Day service and beacon lighting later the same day.

Mr J. Tatham


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