SHAPE Activities Programme - Weekly Students Activities

Senior School After School/EECA

St Columba’s has implemented the new S.H.A.P.E. timetable, which informs students of all student activities taking place in school, on a weekly basis.

The SHAPE timetable includes:

Service activities, such as Student Ministry and Recycling groups

House activities, such as the forthcoming Eisteddfod practices

Academic clubs, such as regular catch-up sessions and specialist exam group workshops

Practical activities, such as Sport and Music practice

Extra-curricular, which includes all the clubs in the school, for example Bike Mechanics club, and Chess Club.

We intend to update the SHAPE timetable every Friday and it is available on all student and parent FROG homepages. On the parent FROG homepage, the timetable can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Clubs/Activities’ tab. More details about our clubs and activities can be found on the Extended Curriculum-Clubs page on our web site, please click the link below.  Clubs .

By including all activities in one place, parents can see the variety of activities available to their sons, many of which, offer the opportunity to develop new skills, be creative, and demonstrate new ways of thinking.

Students involvement in the SHAPE programme is tracked, as part of their progress through the school. I hope that parents will encourage their sons to participate in many of the activities available.




Mr J. Tatham

Assistant Head - Student Formation


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