Final appeal for items for foodbank!

Senior School Important


Overall, the response to the our Lenten appeal to donate items for local foodbanks has been excellent. The task of collecting food to help those who are less fortunate than us has brought the school community closer together, as students in all year groups and houses have participated in collecting, weighing and sorting the generous donations we have received.


As a school we have collected around 750kg of food, all of which will be going towards a great cause and helping those who don’t have an easy access to food, which many of us take for granted. On Wednesday 14th March, a group of Sixth Form students visited one of the foodbanks we are donating food to in this year’s appeal. During this visit, Sixth Form students spoke to one of the volunteers at the foodbank who outlined a number of different foods, which they are in serious need of. These foods include:

 Rice pudding   Jam    Desserts   Tinned vegetables    Coffee  Toilet roll    Small packets of tea    Confectionery


Additionally, the Sixth Form students gained an understanding of how food is sorted, stored and distributed to those who desperately need it. Volunteers at the foodbank collect various types of food and place them in a small plastic box so that they can be distributed easily to the people who use the service. This means that large packets/boxes of food (large cereal and tea boxes etc.) are not appropriate because it is hard to fit these into the plastic boxes and pack sufficient food around them. Therefore, it would be greatly appreciated if everyone could bring in smaller sized items. At the start of the appeal we set the target of collecting a tonne of food and we still believe that this is a target we can collectively achieve. In order to achieve this goal, we are encouraging one final push to try and bring in as much food as you are willing to give. We would be particularly grateful if the mentioned foods could be brought in, however any donations would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your generosity. 

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