Prep and Senior boys discuss Norman castles

Academic Senior School

To finish off their study of the Norman Conquest and the impact it had on shaping Britain, Form 1 have to design their own Medieval castle. The recent EECA  day at Warwick Castle certainly helped with this - as the boys need to fully justify and explain their design choices. For example; Why did towers change from being square to round? Why did moats remain a popular design choice? Many of the boys chose to submit their written report with a model Castle - and so the History Department invited the boys in Reception class in Prep over to have a look at them, giving Form 1 an opportunity to talk about their individual castles. The Prep boys were very enthusiastic and asked lots of questions, which the Form 1 boys were happy to answer. It was lots of fun and very successful, and both Form 1 and the Reception boys thoroughly enjoyed it!


Ms. R Finn


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