SCC Attempts to Break a Rugby World Record

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On 22nd November, our Senior School students attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive rugby passes. Although we didn’t break the record, we gave it a good effort.  Our highest tally was 156, which we were really impressed with!  The event was great fun for all involved and everyone in the school, even those who don’t play rugby, passed the ball . It was great to see the community come together as one - even the younger boys in the Prep school took part.

The day was boosted even further when  Billy Vunipola, who plays for Saracens and England, visited us.  He took part in the pass and later he did various Q&A sessions with the boys in the Prep and Senior schools.

The objective of our World Record attempt was not just to break the record but to raise funds for IconHope charity, run by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in the Philippines

We are now focused on continuing to collect funds for this great cause. IconHope has a centre that takes homeless children off the streets and helps to rehabilitate, educate and care for them. With our money, the Brothers hope to build a more permanent and safe centre for these children.

 Donations can be made at


To view pictures of the event, please click here

James Bromfield, Head Boy 

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