Emergency Closure Information

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Although the College endeavours to remain open as far as possible, snow may potentially affect its ability to do so.

All information relevant to potential school closure, including the running of the coach service, will be posted on the school website by 6.30am. Updates will also be given on the College Twitter feed .

Should the College need to close because of snow during the school day, parents will receive an email or text notification. The College endeavours to give parents at least an hour and a half advanced notification. It may be that the Prep and Senior Schools take independent decisions on the matter of closure. Please be patient if you are trying to call in these situations; often the telephone is busy due to outward calls being made by school staff.

If conditions are snowy, boys should wear appropriate clothing and footwear to school. In the event of snow closure, work for Senior School boys will be posted on the Frog Learning Platform.

The decision to close is not taken lightly and the College will always open when it can. However, the safety of pupils and staff is the main priority in making these decisions and the College does need a basic level of staff in order to run the school safely. Please make sure the College has up-to-date contact details in case of emergencies. Thank you for your continuing cooperation and support on these occasions.