Mission Statement and Strategic Vision

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St. Columba’s College is a Catholic, independent day school, established in the tradition of the Brothers’ of the Sacred Heart, for boys from 4-18.

St. Columba’s College is committed to promoting and realising Gospel values in an environment of academic endeavour and personal discipline.  We work in partnership with students and parents and in accordance with the traditions of the Catholic Church and the charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

We seek to provide a Christian education in which each student is personally valued and challenged to pursue the highest standards in spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual and physical development.  We aim to share an experience of Christian community in which all grow in faith through worship and mutual support and by responding to the needs of the community at large.  We expect each student to develop his own particular talents in pursuit of his God-given vocation.  Academic success, confidence, good relationships, loyalty, sporting prowess, aesthetic interest and readiness to be of service to society will all be qualities of the Columban.

Strategic Vision 

‘Forming Men of Faith, Hope and Love for the Future.’  

Our founder, Father Andre Coindre, acted upon the spirit of compassion that Jesus exemplified throughout his own life. By providing education, training and moral formation for the abandoned youth in the city of Lyon, Father Coindre trusted in every child’s capacity for growth and their ability to contribute to the wider good of society. He formed networks with the wider civic community to help support his endeavours.

This school community believes that every one of our students is uniquely equipped to make a profound contribution to society. The world beyond St Columba’s is exciting, challenging, complex and in flux. We believe that a Columban education uniquely equips our students to make a real difference. It is young men formed in such an educational tradition that the world of today and the world of the future truly need.

Our Aims

This school aims to nurture young men who are:-

  •         self-motivated, resilient and well-rounded leaders who possess the generosity to use their gifts and talents in the service of others;
  •          confident in their knowledge that they are loved by God and uniquely called to their vocation in life;
  •          self-disciplined, team players, but equally confident in speaking truth to power;
  •          intellectually curious, with a love of learning, and able to see the bigger picture;
  •          ambitious and assured with the skills and self-belief which allows them to pursue their goals and aspirations;
  •          optimistic, community builders who are able to nurture positive relationships in all areas of their lives.

Preparing boys in this way, and within this wider context, underpins all that we do.

Our Offer

To achieve the above we offer:-

  •          a broad range of challenging academic opportunities
  •          an extensive and varied programme of curricular and extra-curricular activities which develop skills, character and cultural awareness.
  •          an experience of Christian community which promotes spiritual and moral engagement.
  •          high quality pastoral care in which each individual is known, valued, nurtured and encouraged.
  •          a stimulating environment which encourages the pursuit of excellence in every endeavour.

Our Promise

We work to ensure each and every boy maximises his own potential through the delivery of high quality teaching, by a professional and committed staff, in partnership with parents and the wider community.

We work to strengthen and build links with the wider community – local, national and international - and our Columban communities.

We exercise prudent stewardship and development of financial assets and College resources.

Our Values

We believe that the 3Cs – Courage, Courtesy and Compassion - provide the foundation on which a Columban education is built. They are the visible evidence of the way in which our distinctive education is lived out.

All staff, both academic and support, are expected to teach, encourage and model to boys a way of living according to these values. This is characterised by:-

To always face the ordinary and the extraordinary challenges of life with trust and resilience, being ready to positively mark our own individual response to the world, in whatever way that might be.

To always treat people we meet with the deepest respect, recognising that in them we see the image of Christ.

To always recognise the heartfelt needs of others so that God’s love for us is disseminated more widely through our service to others.