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In conversation with Brother Clement

Welcome to the Columban Archives. Over the past seventy-five years, we have accumulated thousands of wonderful photographs and documents that provide a record of school life and the development of St Columba’s College. A number of Columban parents have very kindly given up their time to scan these photographs and documents so that they are now in a digital format.

Soon you will be able to browse photographs that include; the initial days at St Columba’s College after its foundation by Mr Phillip O’Neil in 1939, the arrival of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in 1955 and numerous class, music, drama, sporting and special events photographs throughout the years. The documents include copies of school newsletters, magazines and other publications. These photographs and documents will be made available in early 2017.

Do you have old school photographs or memorabilia of your own? We are always interested in gathering more material for our archives. If you have old photographs, documents or artefacts that are connected to the school that you think would be of interest, please do get in touch. We are able to scan and then return original photographs and documents on request. 

If you would like to learn more about the history of the school or visit our school archives, which are now located in the recently renovated building, please contact me by email at

Brother Clement Pelletier SC, Archivist

Brother Clement Pelletier, Archivist 

Br. Clement first met the Brothers of the Sacred Heart by attending their school, Mount St Charles in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, in 1944. So impressed was he by their style of life and their kindly professional treatment of students, that he joined their training programme of Novitiate, before attaining a BA in English and History at Spring Hill College, Mobile, Alabama. He later attained an MA in teaching at St Michael's College in Vermont. In 1955, he was one of the four Brothers who travelled from America and re-founded St Columba’s College. It was a sharp learning curve. He founded the French Department, was Head of Sixth Form, Deputy Head and Headmaster. After a short sabbatical in Australia, he returned to lead Careers. In semi-retirement, he now looks after records and archives in the newly-renovated building. He was the first ever Catholic to be appointed an Honorary Canon of the Abbey in 2000, where he had been guide and chaplain in an ecumenical capacity. He quotes, "I have been gratified and blessed by the support and encouragement received over some sixty years in a country that I have adopted and which has possibly adopted me. I would start all over again.”