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The Library is a key facility within the College, providing a broad range of learning resources.

The services it provides enable staff and students to work effectively, whether individually, in classes or as a part of a group. The Library supports literacy by actively promoting and encouraging reading for pleasure.

The Library is open at the following times, including morning break and lunchtime:

Monday to Friday: 8.00am to 5.30pm

The Library stocks in excess of 15,000 fiction and non-fiction books, newspapers, subject periodicals, and an impressive collection of DVDs and audio-books. Subscriptions to a number of online resources allow students access to up-to-date, high-quality information. These include encyclopedias, periodicals, a news digest and social issue articles and statistics. Students are able to search the Library’s resources via its online catalogue.

The Library is equipped with thirty-four computers, of which fourteen are reserved for Sixth Form use. There are private and group study tables and a designated comfortable reading area.

The Library is central to promoting reading for pleasure within the College. It organises regular visits from authors, illustrators and poets, shadows book awards, such as the Carnegie Medal and the Red House Award, keeps up-to-date, recommended book lists by year group, runs reading groups and promotes books and reading through eye-catching displays. The Library also participates in national events, such as World Book Day and the annual KidsLit Quiz. 

The Library is a popular facility within the College and well used by students and staff alike.