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Boys at St Columba’s are offered many opportunities to discover and develop a wide range of skills in the area of dramatic arts.

Every pupil is encouraged to 'have a go' and become involved. From these experiences, our boys learn to be adaptable and flexible and to think creatively, whilst working collaboratively to achieve one outcome – a production to be enjoyed by one and all.

There are many opportunities during the year for audiences to see the boys appearing ‘on stage’. Right from their time in Reception, the youngest boys will become accustomed to standing in front of others to sing and perform. The class assemblies on Fridays are a time to hone performance skills and clear public speaking. The boys notably develop in self-confidence so that, by the time they are in Prep 2, they are taking the main roles in the Lower Prep Nativity.

Our largest production takes place in the Trinity Term, and involves all the boys in Prep 5 and 6. Many different musicals have been performed, including ‘The Wind in the Willows’, ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ and ‘Friends Reunited’. It is certainly the case that, whatever the play, the standard of performance is very high and it provides memories that will last a lifetime.