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Pupils are very appreciative of the range of activities available including the opportunities they provide for leadership. ISI Report, January 2015


The oldest pupils in the Prep School may be appointed as Prefects. Pupils are selected by staff based on pre-determined criteria. They are given specific responsibilities, which build leadership qualities and self-esteem.

Head Boy, Deputy Head Boy, Head Chorister, Sacristan and House Prefects

The staff select a number of pupils, who are given positions of responsibility for the duration of the academic year. These pupils will be given special duties and leadership roles. They will help staff to monitor pupils in and out of the building during break times. There will be other duties during school events, such as Open Day, Masses and weekly assemblies.

The Head Boy and Deputy Head Boy have special roles in helping the Deputy Head (Pastoral) with organising the Prefect system. The Pastoral Deputy Head is the teacher directly responsible for organising their duties. They will be responsible for ensuring that the whole team of Prefects is carrying out the Prefect duties. The Head Chorister is given special duties in Music, as well as general Prefect duties. There is also a Sacristan, who helps the RE Co-ordinator with the organisation of altar servers at Masses and other duties, as required, in association with the Prep School’s various other liturgies and acts of worship. The remaining prefects are House representatives. House Captains and Vice Captains are given opportunities to plan and present assemblies to the other pupils in their house. They also help take the lead in encouraging pupil participation in house events such as sports day and interhouse music.

As well as the Prefects, Prep 6 pupils are appointed roles in areas that complement their individual strengths and interests. For example, Librarians are appointed, as well as Monitors for areas including Science, Games, Computing, Mathematics and ADT.