House System

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High quality care throughout the College is rooted in the supportive House System. ISI Report, January 2015

Every pupil who enters the school is assigned to one of four Houses, which are named after English saints and martyrs: Alban, Becket, Fisher and More. Staff are also assigned to Houses and attend termly House meetings.

However, the Deputy Head (Pastoral) is responsible for the overall management of the House System for all 254 boys in the Prep School.

The House System helps the boys to build strong links with other pupils across the school. It allows for cross-year group competition in sports, music, art, photography and public speaking. The House System also allows for friendly competition, when fundraising for the Columban Fayre. The older pupils are able to devise and run their own stalls, and very much enjoy competing to raise as much money as possible for their Houses. The House System also underpins the school's rewards system, and pupils compete each week for the House Trophy and for individual awards.

House Celebration of Personal Achievement

Recognition of performance is provided in a variety of ways and given public profile at full school assemblies with the awarding of weekly, termly and yearly House trophies. This may also involve individual recognition for academic, sporting, musical or similar achievements. House Points can be awarded to pupils for academic performance, effort, industry, general good behaviour or service to the school. House totals are tallied by and shared with the Prep School in weekly assemblies by the Deputy Head (Pastoral). The pupils are awarded different certificates based on the House Point totals they achieve.