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Home learning plays an important part in the learning process, in consolidating and extending the work covered in class and encouraging independence.

The amount of home learning increases gradually as the boys move through the Prep, ranging from an approximate ten-minute daily reading or phonics focus in Reception to four nights of approximately an hour by the time they are in Prep 6. We encourage the boys to read daily, no matter their age or capability, as reading has a proven link to improving comprehension skills and developing vocabulary, as well as exam success at GCSE and A level.

In Lower Prep, the Home-School Communication Book records daily reading and any other relevant comments from teachers and parents. From Prep 3, a diary is introduced for the boys to record their home learning tasks. This encourages the boys to become more independent and take ownership of their learning. It also acts as an informal method of communication between parents and school. Throughout Upper Prep, the boys are expected to have their diaries with them in all lessons, not only to write down home learning tasks or notes to remember things, but to collect any House Points they are awarded.

We encourage parents to be aware of the home learning activities set for their sons and to be as involved as is required in supporting them. This level of support is often more necessary in the first few years, but we encourage parents to help their sons to become independent by coaching or guiding them only when required.