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The curriculum provides for pupils of all ages, abilities and needs. It supports the College's aim of developing the whole person and is supported by a wide range of extra-curricular activities and links with the wider community. ISI Report, January 2015

In the Prep School, our curriculum is designed both to suit the age and interests of the boys we teach, as well as to promote a love of learning and a curiosity about the world.

We teach at and beyond the demands of the National Curriculum, providing an enriching and engaging experience for all. We set a high level of challenge, which promotes academic excellence and allows each boy to achieve his potential.

In order to integrate skills and knowledge, some subjects may be taught through a topic approach, such as ‘Fire and Ice’ or ‘Explorers of the World’. These enable the use of a cross-curricular approach and the application of skills across different subject areas. There is understandably a key focus on the core skills of English and Mathematics, but we regard all aspects of our curriculum as important to the holistic development of our boys. For some subjects, the expertise of a specialist teacher enables the boys to achieve at a high level. Thus, there are specialists teaching Music, PE, Games and Languages from Reception, with Art, ICT and RE also taught by specialists as the boys move through the school.

Educational and cultural visits are arranged frequently to add depth and first-hand experience to classroom learning. The school’s approach, which encourages all to understand the principle of a growth mindset, helps to prepare the pupils for the ever-changing world, in which they will need resilience and resourcefulness, as well as confidence and flexibility of thought.

More detailed curriculum information is available to parents through a school portal called Frog.