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Prep School pupils are well prepared for transition to the Senior School. ISI Report, January 2015

We are proud of our single ‘through-school’ ethos and it is our wish that all Prep School boys choose to transfer to the Senior School.

Feedback from Senior School staff indicates that our boys adapt extremely quickly to the new routines and challenges of Form 1. They have the advantage of knowing some Senior School staff and are familiar with the site. Throughout their time in the Prep School, boys enjoy a daily lunch in the dining room and regularly use some of our shared facilities. Senior boys are regular visitors and performers in Prep School assemblies and volunteer to help with many school activities, including the school council.

Prep 5 and 6 parents are given priority bookings to tour the Senior School at the Open Days, which are held annually in October. This is an excellent opportunity to find out what happens in Form 1 and beyond. Many people remark that the boys leaving Prep 6 are competent and confident young men, delightful and well-equipped with the skills and attributes required for the experiences of the Senior School.

Prep 5 and 6 families are invited to exclusive transfer meetings held at the Senior School in May and June, enabling us to tailor information to their needs. This ensures our aim that every child is ‘known, valued and treasured’ continues into Form 1 and beyond. It also provides the boys the chance to sample some Form 1 lessons and get a flavour of what life will be like in the Senior School.

Entry to the Senior School at the end of Prep 6 is not automatic. However, our boys do not have to compete with external candidates for a place: they just have to qualify for one. In the January of Prep 6, all boys take part in the Senior School entrance tests, but in the familiar surroundings of the Prep over a week. Almost all boys transfer successfully and are also eligible for academic and music scholarships.

Our boys have the advantage of being assessed throughout their time in the Prep School. This means that each boy, his parents and teachers are fully aware of how well he is progressing and whether he is working at the expected level of attainment for his year group. From Prep 4, the school uses the results of end-of-year tests and the on-going assessment of each boy’s performance throughout the year to inform parents about his progression, with a view to a successful transfer into Form 1.