Progress and Reporting

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Helpful and detailed reports provide an excellent summary of the pupils' attainment, progress, targets and personal development. ISI Report, January 2015

The Prep School believes that the key to success lies in a clear and open partnership with parents. In part, this is achieved through good communication and a shared understanding of our goals.

For our youngest pupils, the daily drop-off and collection allow for regular points at which achievements and success can be shared, and any concerns quickly raised and dealt with. For all pupils, progress through the key learning objectives is monitored daily through observation of classwork, home learning and performance in the classroom. For older pupils, there are also more formal assessment points through written exams. Results of exams and other observations, with targets for further success, are fed back to parents through the bi-annual parents’ evenings, as well as written reports during the year.

Form Teachers and Subject Teachers are always happy to discuss individual pupils with parents and can be contacted through the School Office. Curriculum presentations at the start of the year share useful information with parents about what the boys will be studying and how best to support them. From time to time, a presentation may be offered to provide helpful insight for parents about the latest teaching methods.