Year Group Reps and Volunteers

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Each year group has its own SSPA representatives.

A mix of parents within the year group  are responsible for setting up social events for the year group, such as coffee mornings and/or evenings out.

Another role of reps is to cascade information from the SSPA to the year group as needed.

Very often they will put together contact lists for the year group so everyone has information such as parent email addresses and telephone numbers (always useful if kit goes missing!). It is also useful so parents can contact one another.

Representatives usually attend SSPA meetings. These generally occur three times a year (see Meetings)

Any parent is very welcome to come and help at events that occur at school throughout the year, whether you are a rep or not. We are very grateful for any parent that volunteers their time at events to help them run more smoothly, whether as one off help or on a regular basis.