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Social events organised by both the College and the active Parents’ Associations facilitate constructive relationships with parents. ISI Report, January 2015

Welcome to the Senior School Parents’ Association (SSPA), of which all parents in the Senior School are automatic members.

Our role is overwhelmingly social and involves organising events for everyone to enjoy, ranging from the Welcome BBQ and the year group socials, to informal coffee mornings and fashion shows.

The aims of the SSPA are:

  • To be social by providing events, where parents, teachers and friends of the Senior School community can get to know each other.
  • To raise funds by organising events to provide funds for projects the Senior School could not otherwise afford.
  • To be of service by providing a pool of volunteers to enhance the Senior School community.

If you would like to help and get involved in any way please contact either Jim or Carolyn. Everybody is welcome.

Jim Lewis, Chairperson