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In the last school year the Prep Parents' Association (PPA) have contributed around £7,000 to the music department for some new initiatives including a new drum set and a bank of around 40 musical instruments which all of the Upper Prep can benefit from. All of the Prep 3 boys this year will be receiving taster lessons on the violin, cello, trumpet, trombone, clarinet and flute.

We have recently contributed £11,000 towards the purchase of eleven tablets to be used in the classrooms along with a recharging trolley.

Two years ago the PPA spent £11,000 on two fantastic SMART collaborative learning centres for the newly refurbished Prep ICT Suite and £2,000 on new playground equipment and crates for each year group, including a football table. Together with the Senior School Parents’ Association (SSPA), a further £1,700 was spent on the three new gazebos.

In order to make sure that PPA funds are spent on items that will be appreciated by the boys, the Prep School Council is closely involved in discussions on how funds are spent.