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The pupils' physical development is enhanced very well by the College's extensive opportunities in sports. ISI Report, January 2015

The vision for sport in the Sixth Form encapsulates the overarching whole school sporting vision, which seeks to provide opportunities for all and harness each boy’s potential, in order that he can achieve his personal best.

In addition, it seeks to identify, formulate and finalise life-long positive habits in physical activity, whether through participation in elite level sport, competitive school team and individual sports, or recreational activities.

Opportunities to participate in sport in the Sixth Form fall into two distinct areas and build upon the experiences gained lower down the school. A competitive sports pathway exists for those who wish to play in competitive fixtures against other schools, whilst a recreational route allows boys to pursue their own interests during the weekly Games afternoon. Both areas are suitably staffed with well-qualified, experienced and enthusiastic members of staff.

There are senior sports teams in Rugby (1st XV and 2nd XV), Football (1st XI, 2nd XI and 3rd XI), Basketball, Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming, all of which have achieved county, regional and national success in recent years. The College has a rich history in Basketball and, with Rugby, it is identified as a specialist performance sport. Typically, at least 60% of the Sixth Form play in competitive fixtures. Many students also go on to play sport at a high level upon leaving the College.

Sports scholarships are offered for both internal and external entrants into the Sixth Form upon application. Typically, a successful candidate will have a high level of performance (county or above) in more than one of the College’s major sports or outstanding performance in one of these sports. In addition, they must have shown commitment to school sport previously and achieved the academic standard for entry into the Sixth Form.

In terms of unique opportunities, the College has conducted senior sports tours previously to Europe and long-haul destinations. Major overseas sports tours (typically Rugby) take place every three years, whilst short-haul trips to Europe for Football take place bi-annually. These are fantastic opportunities, which supplement the competitive sports programme and create memorable experiences for the boys.

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