Prestigious Universities Programme

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The extra-curricular learning programmes at St Columba’s College are designed to appeal to, and to include, those students who have a thirst for knowledge. It is also the case that many of the students involved are very talented individuals, but a passion for finding things out is the main entry criterion.

The Prestigious Universities Programme provides wonderful opportunities for students to learn off-syllabus. This wider learning supports their applications to the top universities and is designed to be stimulating to the fastest learners.

Topics which have been available in the last few years have included written and spoken Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Arabic, and explorations of the history and culture of the nations who speak those languages. Currently there are forty students in the Japanese programme and they are making astonishingly rapid progress. In development is a series of workshops based on Richard Feynman’s theory of Quantum Electrodynamics for the scientifically minded of the more able students.

Applicants to Oxford and Cambridge are allocated an Oxbridge mentor – a subject specialist, who supervises the wider reading and additional attention that such applications require. In particular, the subject mentor supports the applicant through tests specific to an individual university, and also the tests for wider university applications in Law (LNAT) and Medicine (BMAT).

At St Columba’s College, learners soon come to realise that they can pursue their curiosity in any direction they please with the full support of academic specialists, and that the sky is very much not the limit!