Extended Project Qualifaction

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The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a stand-alone AS level.

It is designed to develop the research, analytical and critical-thinking skills, which are necessary at university level and highly valued in the workplace. Students can choose to produce a five-thousand-word dissertation, investigation, artefact or performance on a subject of their choice. The EPQ enables them to pursue an interest or extend their knowledge of a particular subject area.

Recent project titles have included:

  • Would current forensic methods enable law enforcement agencies to apprehend Jack the Ripper today?
  • Produce a replica of the Subtle Knife from Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' Trilogy.
  • Devise and write a short play in Shakespearean English.
  • Do the current fundamental theories of Physics provide a true description of reality?
  • Produce a film documentary about Boudica’s failed rebellion.
  • Design and build a kayak.

Assessment covers not only the finished piece, but also the students’ ability to manage, research, produce and present their projects. Students can be awarded the A* grade and the points are included in the UCAS point tariff. The EPQ is increasingly respected by prestigious universities.