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In the dust of defeat, as well as the laurels of victory, there is glory to be found if one has done his best. Eric Liddell

Physical Education (PE) at St Columba’s College aims to provide students with the skills, abilities and, most importantly, the knowledge to lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives, now and in the years to come.

Through the broad curriculum, students are enthused and challenged by dedicated PE staff, who have all reached national levels in their own sports and are primed to bring out the best in their students.  

PE and sport at St Columba’s is not only about excelling through performance, but also through an understanding of coaching, teaching and officiating, which some students will go on to do at national-level sports events. This broad focus ensures that all students have the opportunity to excel, and demonstrates that physical ability is not the only avenue to succeed. Perseverance, dedication and commitment are equally valued.

Students follow the OCR specification at A level. This exam board has been specifically chosen by the College to suit the practical capabilities of students and to allow them to use their vast experience and high levels of skills in Football, Rugby and Basketball, etc.   Students are guided for their Practical assessment following discussion with their teachers. 

As well as in-school learning, A level students visit the tennis courts at Hatfield House as part of historical sports studies, as well as physiology labs and other external opportunities as they arise. Another key focus of the Department is to explore the career opportunities available to PE and Sports Science students at undergraduate level, and the place sport holds in the twenty-first century. Students often go on to study Sports Science at degree level or, through their high level of involvement in sport, take on some form of coaching role in later life.

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