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I must study Politics and War that my sons may have liberty to study Mathematics and Philosophy. John Adams

It may seem counterproductive to encourage students to argue in class, but when studying Government and Politics, it is the best way to learn.

Contemporary knowledge and critical thinking are at the core of political studies at St Columba’s College. Students are encouraged to read and observe political media as a habit of interest and bring their contemporary understanding to the classroom as a basis for discussion and debate. The Department strongly advocates the ‘flipped classroom’ approach, where students gather knowledge before the lesson, ready to delve into the ‘nitty gritty’ of political science during it. Politics is one of the most ‘current’ A levels students can study, so, for those who like to be in the know in the information age, this could be the place for them. 

The Department follows the OCR specification, studying British political and governmental systems at AS and their American equivalents at A2. The course explores political ideologies, powers of the various institutions of government, voting systems and behaviours, as well as the structural framework for all modern democracies, constitutions. 

There is an active extra-curricular provision within the Department. In the last four years, students have visited the Houses of Parliament on three occasions, walked the corridors of power in the European Union capital of Brussels and will be going to Washington DC and New York in 2015. The Department also has the Political Society, which arranges events and speakers to come in and address students in the higher years. Guest speakers have included Baroness Shirley Williams and Shadow Education Secretary, Tristram Hunt.

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