House System

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Relationships throughout the College are highly positive and fruitful, enhanced by the House System which encourages older pupils to work with younger. ISI Report, January 2015

Each boy in the College is under the pastoral care of a Head of House and his/her team of Tutors. In this way, the care offered by St Columba's is enhanced by providing continuity and a sharper focus for College life and activities.

Each boy remains a member of the House assigned to him until the end of his time at the College. In the Sixth Form, his House Tutor Group is likely to be between ten and twelve in number. Boys in the Sixth Form will also enjoy an independent identity under the care of their own Head of Sixth Form.

The House System provides the basis for the whole pastoral structure. Students will come to identify with a House, a Head of House and his/her team of House Tutors over a period of years. They will develop a sense of belonging and pride in their affiliation to what is, in effect, a community within a community. Thus, boys will have a greater spirit of commitment and loyalty, which serves to complement and strengthen the wider ethos already prevalent in the College.

Heads of House and their team of Tutors will get to know the boys and their parents very well indeed, and this will allow them to respond better to the boys’ individual needs, academic and pastoral, and to deal with all disciplinary matters. These factors, among others, are fully consonant with the ethos of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and their emphasis on education as a partnership with parents.

A genuine sense of competition is generated within the school. This allows more boys to be recognised and rewarded for their successes. This competition is wide, incorporating sport, Inter-House Music, plays, chess, public speaking and other activities, allowing each student to practise and extend his ability in a range of activities. It will also provide the context for the extended learning programme.

Sixth Form students assume even greater responsibilities for leadership and example as House Captains, House Prefects and organisers of their House activities, as well as by encouraging those who participate for their House and being themselves active members of House Teams. Parents are also part of what is effectively not simply a House, but a Home within the context of the school.

The Houses – CharlesGuertinJosephMartinMcClancy and Stanislaus – are named after the Brothers of the Sacred Heart schools in North America, which provide international links through exchange programmes.