Progress and Reporting

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Helpful and detailed reports provide an excellent summary of the pupils' attainment, progress, targets and personal development. ISI Report, January 2015

At St Columba’s, all boys are expected to achieve the highest possible level of academic success and personal growth.

Monitoring a student’s progress throughout his time at the College and reporting to parents is a vital part of supporting and encouraging this achievement and success.

All students are assessed regularly in every subject, their progress recorded and then reported to parents. The purpose of this assessment, recording and reporting system is to provide regular information throughout the year to both students and parents on how students are progressing in relation to their academic ability and potential, based on prior data. At St Columba’s, staff report to parents each term on their son’s progress, either in the form of a Full Written Report or a consultation with subject teachers at a Parents’ Evening. Parents will also receive Progress Grades with Effort, as appropriate to their son’s stage.

Written Reports

A written report will give advice on the level at which each boy is working in each of his subjects and how he is achieving that level, but, more importantly, will offer advice on how he can improve and the steps he needs to take to do so.

His effort and attitude to learning are reported by a number of indicators, such as:

  • Contribution to Class 
  • Organisation 
  • Completion of Homework 
  • Classwork

Not all written reports take the same format, as they are designed to be specific to the Key Stage, as well as the point in the year that the report is sent out.

Parent-Teacher Consultations

Parent-Teacher Consultation Evenings are held once a year for each year group and provide an opportunity for parents and students to meet with their class teachers to discuss progress in individual subjects.

Curriculum Evenings

In addition, parents are invited to special Curriculum Evenings: Form 4 Standards Evening; Form 3 Options Evening; Form 5 Revision and Exam Preparation Evenings. There are also Information Evenings.

Ad Hoc Consultation

Parents are welcome to contact the College at any time to discuss their son’s welfare and progress. Such enquiries should be directed, in the first instance, to his Tutor or Head of House. Appointments can also be made with members of the Senior Leadership Team.