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The Medical Room is staffed by Mrs H Keating, RSCN, RGN and Mrs J Hepper, RN who provide access to excellent medical care for students and staff during the College day, from 8.00am to 5.30pm on Monday to Friday.

The medical staff aim to provide a warm, and friendly environment, where students can be treated, supported and cared for according to their individual needs. They work within safeguarding guidelines, while respecting the confidentiality which operates over medical matters. Individual Care Plans are produced for those students with significant health needs and staff are advised on their management. Mrs Keating  and Mrs Hepper liaise with the Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust School Nursing Service to ensure students are offered relevant immunisations. A number of other members of staff are also trained in First Aid procedures.

In addition, the medical staff are an integral part of the pastoral team and make a valuable contribution to pastoral care across the school. They are active in supporting students with any personal difficulties and ensuring that new students are well supported in their transition from the Prep School to the Senior School. 

 If your son should require medication whilst at school, please send it in with his name on  it and complete a medication consent form which can be found here

Good communication with home is essential. Mrs Keating can be contacted during the school day by telephone on 01727  892022, through the Senior School or Prep School Office, or by email at to provide information and support for parents or guardians.  

Our Medical Staff

Mrs H Keating, RSCN, RGN

Mrs J Hepper, RN