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The pupils' physical development is enhanced very well by the College's extensive opportunities in sports. ISI Report, January 2015

Sport at St Columba’s is an integral part of school life, which provides a wide range of enriching experiences that build upon the work of the PE Department.

Whilst the Department has many aims, the overarching vision is to provide opportunities to all, whilst harnessing each individual’s potential and helping them to achieve their personal best to attain individual or collective success. It is also the goal of the Department to foster an interest in physical activity and formulate life-long, positive habits for a healthy, active lifestyle. It is through the competitive sports programme that we aim to generate a passion, as well as instil positive, personal and social characteristics.

In the Michaelmas Term, the major Games activity is Rugby, where A, B and occasionally C teams in the younger years play representative fixtures against similar schools from U12 through to Senior XVs. The majority of fixtures occur on Saturday mornings, with cup fixtures being played throughout the week. National and county competitions are entered and a high level of achievement is reached on a regular basis. In the Lent Term, Football is the main focus and a similar number of teams are involved weekly to fulfil what is a very competitive fixture list. In both of these sports, the most able boys go on to achieve representative success at county level in particular. Whilst the College is proud of its individual and team success, it is equally proud that over 70% of each year group play inter-school fixtures.

Basketball is ingrained in the history of the College, and the school is rightly proud of its tradition and past achievements with numerous national titles and regular success at county level. In the Summer Term, the main attention is placed on Athletics and Cricket, where boys are again given the chance to compete at a district, county and, in the case of Athletics, national level. In addition to these sports, the College has also recently achieved a high level of success in Cross Country, as well as offering competitive opportunities in Swimming, Golf and Tennis.

The Sports Department forms a major part of the extended curriculum, offering weekly, after-school training sessions for different team sports, as well as lunchtime practices.  The popularity of strength and conditioning continues to grow which utilises the newly installed fitness suite.  In addition, the College also operates a cycle of sports tours, to Europe and further afield, in such sports as Rugby and Football, offering unique opportunities to complement the sessions they receive on a weekly basis.

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