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Contributions to the College's newsletter, written and edited by pupils, are persuasive. ISI Report, January 2015

The St Columba’s College Newssheet was founded in 2010 to give students an opportunity to publish articles on a wide range of topics; some informative, some thought-provoking, some controversial.

Edited by students, the Newssheet comprises: interviews with staff, students and notable people; editorial and comment pieces on issues in current affairs; articles on philosophical or ethical issues; items on recent technological developments or gaming; thoughts on religious or moral affairs; news of events happening in school and the occasional ‘guest article’ from a member of staff.

The Newssheet is published approximately five times per academic year. New contributors with fresh ideas for topics are always welcome. The Newssheet is a student-run enterprise and relies entirely on a steady flow of articles to keep it going. Articles are welcome on all themes.