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There are thirty-five teaching periods in the week, each fifty minutes in duration, in addition to a ten-minute registration period at the start of the day.

All boys have one double Games session each week and two lessons dedicated to the pastoral programme, during which House, year group or whole school assemblies sometimes take place.

Students in Form 1 are taught mainly in teaching groups: Andre, Benedict, Francis and Ignatius. They are set in some subjects, English and Mathematics. In Form 2, the programme is very similar, with Core Skills added to the choice of subjects and setting introduced in modern languages.

In Form 3, a fifth teaching group is added (Thevenet) and setting is introduced in Science. 


The School Day
Registration08.25 - 08.35
Period 108.35 - 09.25
Period 209.25 - 10.15
Period 310.15 - 11.05
Break11.05 - 11.25
Period 411.25 - 12.15
Period 512.15 - 13.05
Lunch13.05 - 14.05
Period 614.05 - 14.55
Period 714.55 - 15.40
Clubs and Activities15.40 - 17.00

The Library is open until 5.30pm.